About Tribal Treasures

It is my great fortune to have a business that supports me in my passion for both travel and discovery. My interest in the art of silversmithing and jewelry design mixed with a love for travel has allowed me to create Tribal Treasures, selling wholesale to shops and galleries in many U.S. cities.

I have always been curious about other ways of living. As a teenager, I began traveling around the world. I’ve lived in Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America, always with an interest in the native culture.

Having been a silversmith for several years in Ibiza, I gained knowledge of silver work and gems. Now, as I travel, not only do I keep an eye out for treasures from other cultures, I also design certain styles or pieces and have jewelers in Bali, India, Thailand and Mexico execute my designs.

I enjoy bringing different cultures together and am always impressed by the fact that the world is small and we are essentially all the same.

I will be changing the jewelry on this site often as I bring back treasures from my travels, so please check back to see what has been added or changed.

Thanks for visiting Tribal Treasures and happy trails!

Rochelle Brackman